Monday, July 20, 2015

House Progress!

It will be so fun to look back at these pictures once it's done.  It's crazy how fast it really does go.  It all started with just a hole in the ground!

Sooo behind :(

Well I was hoping I wouldn't let this much time go between posts but summer has been SO busy!!  We've been living at my parents house for 2 months now and we are SO grateful they took us in while we build our home.  It's been so fun to see it all come together.  (I'll do a separate post with pics) Larsen is now 7+ months now and has hit a bunch of milestones since my last post.. the big ones are now sitting up and yes... crawling!  He's not really aggressive with it yet but he can defintely crawl across the room to get something.  He's been trying to pull himself up on things to stand but can't do it QUITE yet.  He's LOOOOVING baby food. I think we've fed him everything now and there's nothing he doesn't like.  Although peas took a couple tries.  Deacon has been so fun this summer.  He loves being at his papa & Grandma Kari's house.  We had a blast on the 4th of July and got to spend it both at the cabin AND in Forest Lake for the fire works.  Otherwise it seems we've been at my sister's pool almost every weekend which has been awesome!!!  WE LOVE IT!  I'll try to recap the rest of the past 5 weeks below with pictures!  Note to self: the whole point of this was to journal fun things and have a keepsake.. so keep on it!  

Deacon with my college girlfriend's daughter, Chloe.
Walking the trails by the cabin..
Pancakes for breakfast!
WIPED after a pool day....
Get my fitnizz in...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Larsen is 6 months old!!!!

Holy buckets, seriously?!  You were just in my belly how did this happen?! This has been SUCH a fun ride to watch you grow up.  You couldn't be more opposite of your brother.  The only similarity I see with you at this age is you both smile A LOT.  Otherwise you are a billion times easier than Deacon!  Haha no offense, D!  So chill and easygoing.  You love to go places with us and always behave.  You spit-up wayyyy less often than Deacon did.  At this point with Deacon I think we were at the doctor many many times for ear infections, coughs, etc.  knock on wood but you haven't gotten sick ONCE!! You sleep through the night and we hardly even knew you were teething until your 2 bottom ones popped through.  You're just the best, kiddo!  And my goodness your big brother is just obsessed with you too.  We love watching you roll all over, play with toys and have fun.  You are really starting to love eating baby food too... Yum!! Everyone that meets you can't believe your only 6 months old because of your size and how much hair you have.  And I've already given you a haircut!  Even your doctor laughed today and said you look like you're 1 :). You gave her lots of adorable smiles!

He weighed in at 20 lbs and was 29 inches long!!!! That's 90% for weight and 96% for height my golly.

Almost ready to crawl!!
At the doc today with his morning bottle :) 

Ladies night!

As usual.... Playing catch up on here!! Usually it's when I get notification on my phone that I'm running out of storage so I have to dump my pictures on here before deleting them!  Can't wait to get a new phone!!!

Anyway, I had soooo much fun the other weekend going out with my work girls.  We have all gotten to be the best of friends and have so much fun together.  Even without them I feel like I have the best job in the world and then you throw THEM into the mix I'm the luckiest girl alive!!!! Seriously all we do is laugh!  We are trying to plan a girls Vegas trip which would be SO much fun.  

Anyway, we went out in Stillwater and then ended up at Meisters in Scandia.  Kyle so kindly picked us up late that night but of course had to have a drink with us first :) Can't wait to do it again soon!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cora Jean Lange!!!

Kyle's brother Brad and his wife Krista had a girl on her due date!!! May 18, 2015 at 5:22 am.  She is a peanut at 6lbs 8oz & 20 inches long.  She's so cute and I'm so happy to have another niece.  I'm sure our boys will always protect her :) So glad they finally have a cousin on that side too!! 

May 2015

Trying to play catch up here!!!  Life is good!! Here are some pics of us lately... Deacon is happy & healthy and Lars has turned into our little 'thumb sucker' haha