Sunday, October 12, 2014

Beautiful Fall Weekend

took the day off on Thursday to watch my neices. Deacon and Evie played together awesome all day and made a tornado of a mess everywhere they went :) I got lots of cuddles in with the adorable Nora. She is the most chill baby I've ever met!! So happy all the time and just wants to watch the kids play. She doesn't look too happy in this pic with D but I assure you she was. 

Deacon working on his golf game

The girls....

The rest of the weekend was full of other excitement. I had lunch with 2 of my college roomies.  Ashley lives in Owatonna and it was SO great to see her. I miss her like crazy. We were pretty much inseparable during our 'kato days'. Kim I get to see a lot more often since she lives closer but it was great all getting together. So crazy we are all pregnant and due around the same time!  So much pregnancy and baby talk it was a blast! And it was fun to bring the kiddos (Ashley's daughter Chloe is only 4 months older than Deacon so now we'll have TWO close in age!) 

We also got to go see Mo & Neil's new beautiful home in Stacy. D had a blast driving the skid steer. Sunday we met my parents at the pumpkin patch. All in all a beautiful fall weekend enjoying people I love!! 

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