Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hunting Widow

Well it's that time of year! Kyle is gone almost every weekend at the cabin getting his deer stand ready, blazing trails, or hunting! This was the first of many for a while. I miss him when he's gone but I also love my alone time with Deacon. He can be such a momma's boy! I'm 34 weeks now and having had Deacon at 35 weeks Kyle knows that one of the guys up there better be sober enough to drive his butt home if this one decides to come early too! Ha. Crazy to think it may be soon!! 

Anyway, Deacon & I had a lot of fun. When daddy's gone he knows he gets to sleep with me and it's a special 'treat' for him (and me!). He's such a good cuddler :) Friday night we had a date night to the movies to see the Boxtrolls. He laughed through the entire thing! Saturday we met  a bunch of my work friends and their kids in Chisago for a 'Falloween Festival'. Good times all around! It was another beautiful fall weekend! Here are some pics.

Deacon blowing leaves off Grandpas deck.

My movie date :)

Deacons cwabby face....

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