Monday, October 20, 2014

Story Time with Grandma Kimmy

My mother in law had Deacon the other day and she took him to the public library for story time.  There was someone there reading a bunch of books to toddler/pre-school age kids.  After reading the books she asked them all a bunch of questions about the stories she read.  If you know Deacon, then you know he was the first one to raise his hand or shout out his answers.  After a while he apparently turned to his Grandma and said "Grandma, I think we're winning!".  She of course laughed and had to remind him it wasn't a competition.  I laughed my a$$ off hearing that story because it describes his personality so well.  Definitely a story I had to document on my blog!!  What a kid!! 
          Wearing my reading glasses :) 

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