Tuesday, November 4, 2014


We had a great Halloween this year. Being 34 weeks pregnant I wanted to incorporate my bump somehow. Found these cute iron-on decals online for Kyle & I!

Deacon was a Power Ranger this year.

We have SUCH a fun neighborhood to trick or treat in! Houses go all out with decorations and it's like a big block party. Everyone is out and about with their kids and enjoying some adult beverages :) next year we're going to steal others' idea and pull a trailer on the 4wheeler with a couple coolers ;) Deacon just loved running up to everyone's doors and he was so polite thanking everyone (so proud). He told MANY a kids that he loved their costumes. His favorite house was the one with the gorilla handing out bananas! Brad and Krista joined us and it was a great time. Both sets of deacons grandparents stayed back at our house to hang out and hand out candy for us. So much fun!! I love Halloween!!! 

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