Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thank you Santa!!

CHRISTmas 2014

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year!  It was so fun to celebrate with our completed family and to know that these are the 3 boys I'll be spending my many Christmas's to come with.  Life is good!  We always spend Xmas eve with my family and Xmas day with Kyles.  I took lots of pics to share on here (all on my phone of course). On Christmas Eve eve (the 23rd) we went to the Eagle Brook service and it was amazing as usual.  This year they did 'O Holy Night' which is my favorite Christmas song and it brought me to tears it was so amazing!! I had to share a link of it my sis sent me from Facebook because... Wow.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  So moving! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Doctor visits/ well checks!

Deacon had his yearly doctor visit today.  We combined it with Larsen's 2 week follow up and both went great :) Deacon made the doctor laugh sooo much it was hilarious. At this age they ask him a ton of questions just probably to see where they are developmentally.. And boy did he have a bunch of questions for her too!! "What is that?" "What does that do?" "Can I listen to my heart?" "Can I listen to your brain?" "Can I have that rubber glove and blow it up?" Hahaha. One her questions for me was if he showed interest in learning but she said that went without saying! When she put the stethoscope to his back to hear his lungs and he made sure to tell her she was checking the wrong spot for his heartbeat and then showed her where that was. Oh and he made sure to tell the nurse his butt itched when she asked how he was doing....that kid.  Anyway, he's a healthy BIG boy!! Well they both are!! Deacon is 45 pounds which puts him at 96% for weight and he's at 74% for height.  

Larsen did great too!  He was 10lbs 4oz. Which puts him at 90% for weight. He was 22.2 inches long which is 98% for length. Oh and his head was in the 99th percentile :) I make some big boys!! They are both perfect though and I am oh so thankful for their good health.  God had blessed us so much!! Glory to Him!! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

2 weeks old

Well I'm going to be honest with myself and say that most of my posts over the next year will probably be filled with pictures! I don't have much to write about this week because we really haven't left the house but once. I dropped deacon off at school and Larsen off with my mom so I could stop by my work to do some paperwork for my maternity. I wanted to bring him in and show him off to my coworkers but the flu has been going around my office so I decided I better not. So we mainly just hang at home!  We got professional pictures of the boys done on Tuesday.. Can't wait to post them here they turned out so cute!!  I wanna get my holiday card out first though :) 

Also.. I'm so proud of my lil guy he's the best sleeper!! He's been sleeping anywhere from 4-8 hour stretches at night already!! Wow!! I am so lucky!!! 

"Momma hoooooold me!!!!"

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Well I'm going to guess that my upcoming posts are going to be a majority of pictures vs words.  I'm completely obsessed with my boys and can't stop taking pics on my iPhone of them... Mostly the little one (Deacon doesn't sit as still for me anymore!).  Recovery from having him has been pretty rough but that sweet face makes me seem to forget about it. 

We've been home for almost a full week now and it's been wonderful!!  I looooved staying at the hospital when I had Deacon.. It felt like a hotel with room service.  Although I got the same treatment this time around I just wanted to get outta there to be at home.  There's no place like home that's for sure!! 

Here are pics from our first week :)

One of big bro!!!!
In case you need a laugh....
Deacon home with the flu ;(((

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Welcome Larsen William Remitz!!!!

Sooooo happy to introduce Larsen to the world!!!! Because my last ultrasound guesstimated him to be 10lbs already my doctor decided it was best to either induce me or do an elective c-section.  I opted to induce so Monday morning on December the 8th we went in to meet our baby!  The entire weekend before I felt like I was leaking amniotic fluid.. I didn't go in to get checked because it was a small leak and I figured I was going in on Monday anyway. Sure enough as soon as I got there Monday they confirmed my suspicions and I was in fact leaking. Doc came in to do a check on me, left the room and my bag of waters completely broke. I was definitely ready to get this baby out!! Then the contractions really started. They gave me pitocin to get them stronger and boy did they ever. By 1:00 I got my epidural. Worst experience ever!! The numbness got way too high on me and went to my lungs and chest and made me feel really short of breath.  Of course I started to panic and my anxiety took over. Called the anesthesiologist back twice and she finally slowed it down enough to where I was comfortable.  It felt so much different than the one I had with Deacon.  With Deacon I was completely paralyzed from the waist down.  This time I could move my legs and although I didn't feel pain I definitely felt pressure.  Hours passed and I was just sitting at 3.5 centimeters and nothing was changing.  By 6:00 the doctor said that she'd do another check on me in 2 hours and if nothings changed we may just have to do a c-section.  I was prepared either way.  Well by my 8:00 check I was 8-9 centimeters!!!  A half hour later I felt a LOT of pressure and called the nurse back in.  Sure enough I was ready to push!! This whole time my mom and Kyle were with me patiently waiting for SOMETHING to happen and the excitement was about to begin!  Within 5 minutes they had the doc in and we were all set up to go.  They had 2 nurses on hand because they knew baby was big and shoulder displasia was a big concern.  I had a great team in there to cheer me on. Kyle and a nurse were both holding my legs and because I could do a lot more with the epidural I was able to grab the back of my legs and help out too. My mom was in there encouraging me and even had Kristi on speakerphone so she could listen.  Exactly 20 minutes later we heard the awesome news "It's a BOY!!!".  They put my sweet boy on my chest and I was instantly in love.  There were lots of happy tears!! Right away we noticed he looked exactly like Deacon but had my ears :). Larsen was 9lbs 12oz and 22 inches long!!  The nurses said I was one of the best pushers they've ever seen and couldn't believe he was that big. So glad I didn't opt for that c-section!!  It was a long hard day but totally worth it!!! It's definitely a day I'll never forget and I'm so glad I got to share the experience with my mom this time too :) Here is my sweet 'big' little boy!!!



Going home!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thumbs up!!!

Always givin us the thumbs up during swimming lessons!! Haha 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Deacon!!!

I can't even BELIEVE it was 4 years ago today I was in the hospital having you. My goodness does time fly! Every day with you is so special and fun. You are the greatest joy!! I love you so much!! Thank you for being such a good boy with a loving heart. God blessed us sooooo much when he gave us YOU!! 

We celebrated his 4th bday over the weekend with both grandparents at Chucky Cheese.. He had a blast of course! Then dad took him out on the rink he flooded on our backyard pond for some hockey! Brought me back to my childhood days when my dad did the same! 

We love you buddy thanks for being you!!

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!