Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Doctor visits/ well checks!

Deacon had his yearly doctor visit today.  We combined it with Larsen's 2 week follow up and both went great :) Deacon made the doctor laugh sooo much it was hilarious. At this age they ask him a ton of questions just probably to see where they are developmentally.. And boy did he have a bunch of questions for her too!! "What is that?" "What does that do?" "Can I listen to my heart?" "Can I listen to your brain?" "Can I have that rubber glove and blow it up?" Hahaha. One her questions for me was if he showed interest in learning but she said that went without saying! When she put the stethoscope to his back to hear his lungs and he made sure to tell her she was checking the wrong spot for his heartbeat and then showed her where that was. Oh and he made sure to tell the nurse his butt itched when she asked how he was doing....that kid.  Anyway, he's a healthy BIG boy!! Well they both are!! Deacon is 45 pounds which puts him at 96% for weight and he's at 74% for height.  

Larsen did great too!  He was 10lbs 4oz. Which puts him at 90% for weight. He was 22.2 inches long which is 98% for length. Oh and his head was in the 99th percentile :) I make some big boys!! They are both perfect though and I am oh so thankful for their good health.  God had blessed us so much!! Glory to Him!! 

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