Sunday, December 14, 2014

Welcome Larsen William Remitz!!!!

Sooooo happy to introduce Larsen to the world!!!! Because my last ultrasound guesstimated him to be 10lbs already my doctor decided it was best to either induce me or do an elective c-section.  I opted to induce so Monday morning on December the 8th we went in to meet our baby!  The entire weekend before I felt like I was leaking amniotic fluid.. I didn't go in to get checked because it was a small leak and I figured I was going in on Monday anyway. Sure enough as soon as I got there Monday they confirmed my suspicions and I was in fact leaking. Doc came in to do a check on me, left the room and my bag of waters completely broke. I was definitely ready to get this baby out!! Then the contractions really started. They gave me pitocin to get them stronger and boy did they ever. By 1:00 I got my epidural. Worst experience ever!! The numbness got way too high on me and went to my lungs and chest and made me feel really short of breath.  Of course I started to panic and my anxiety took over. Called the anesthesiologist back twice and she finally slowed it down enough to where I was comfortable.  It felt so much different than the one I had with Deacon.  With Deacon I was completely paralyzed from the waist down.  This time I could move my legs and although I didn't feel pain I definitely felt pressure.  Hours passed and I was just sitting at 3.5 centimeters and nothing was changing.  By 6:00 the doctor said that she'd do another check on me in 2 hours and if nothings changed we may just have to do a c-section.  I was prepared either way.  Well by my 8:00 check I was 8-9 centimeters!!!  A half hour later I felt a LOT of pressure and called the nurse back in.  Sure enough I was ready to push!! This whole time my mom and Kyle were with me patiently waiting for SOMETHING to happen and the excitement was about to begin!  Within 5 minutes they had the doc in and we were all set up to go.  They had 2 nurses on hand because they knew baby was big and shoulder displasia was a big concern.  I had a great team in there to cheer me on. Kyle and a nurse were both holding my legs and because I could do a lot more with the epidural I was able to grab the back of my legs and help out too. My mom was in there encouraging me and even had Kristi on speakerphone so she could listen.  Exactly 20 minutes later we heard the awesome news "It's a BOY!!!".  They put my sweet boy on my chest and I was instantly in love.  There were lots of happy tears!! Right away we noticed he looked exactly like Deacon but had my ears :). Larsen was 9lbs 12oz and 22 inches long!!  The nurses said I was one of the best pushers they've ever seen and couldn't believe he was that big. So glad I didn't opt for that c-section!!  It was a long hard day but totally worth it!!! It's definitely a day I'll never forget and I'm so glad I got to share the experience with my mom this time too :) Here is my sweet 'big' little boy!!!



Going home!!!

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  1. Congratulations Amy! He is gorgeous! So happy for you guys!