Friday, February 27, 2015

Back to work :(

Well this was my first FULL week back at work.. So bittersweet! It was so nice to be home all day with Lars but it's nice to get back into a routine. And I actually missed work a little bit!  So awesome to say I honestly LOVE my job and coworkers. I work with my best friends and every day is fun.. And coming home to my boys is such joy! Not much else is new with us lately just can't wait for spring to get here soon :) 

And obviously I couldn't end a post without some pics!!

Monday, February 16, 2015


Grandma & Papa with all their grand kiddies!!
Nora is ONE!!!
Mo is 28 weeks!! Holding Larsen on super bowl Sunday :)
Not QUITE big enough haha
Officially back to work!! This is me and my coworker Kindy at a work party.
My boys!!
Nick Universe with the boys!!! 
Valentine's Day!!
Larsen's dedication....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Larsen is 2 months!!!

My littlest boy is now 2 months old holy cow where did the time go!!! His well check went great and he took his shots like a champ.  Here are his stats!

15.6 lb. / 97%
24.6 inches long / 98%

Doc said he's right where he should be for being almost 10 pounds at birth!  The nurses all went crazy for him and his hair and he literally smiled at everyone who looked at him :) Awww. I'm not kidding no matter how I comb his hair it won't stay down!  I love it!!  

He just continues to melt my heart. He smiles more and more everyday and I can tell he's 'looking' at more things including our ceiling fan!  He's still getting up once in the middle of the night but the good news is I finally got him sleeping in his crib!! Wahoo!! (That was a task).  Anyway, today is my last official day of maternity with him and needless to say I'm a little sad :( I've loved every minute of it!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lawler - Moe Wedding

One of my closest girlfriends from high school eloped with her husband Ted Moe in Florida in 2014!  We all agreed it was 'so Kate of her'!! Haha. But they decided to have a party at The Guthrie to celebrate their nuptials and it was nothing short of breathtaking.  Seriously hands down the most gorgeous venue I've ever been to! And her band was amaaaazing!!!  My parents were kind enough to babysit again so we could enjoy a night out.