Thursday, April 30, 2015

Catching up...

My sweet little lovey Dovey!  Lars is SUCH an angel.  Always happy and loves to cuddle.  His favorite thing these days is jumping in his jumper.  He just stares at people and loves faces. Lately he's been doing so-so on sleeping through the night.  If he wakes up its just once and he takes a bottle and goes right back down.  And we FINALLY got him out of swaddling!!  As soon as we put him in his crib he rolls on his belly where he sleeps all night.  Otherwise he's content just rolling around all over the floor during the day :)
At the park...
Bouncing is exhauuuusting.
cut his hair finally!! He was starting to look like he had a comb over because it's all fallen out on the sides & back.

And guess which big brother had some fun with a blue marker!!  Really, Deacon?!

It's not a real beer can I swear :)

Colorado for work...


  1. Oh my gosh, that first picture of him is PRECIOUS!!!!

  2. YOu need to update your side panel and add Lars!!