Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ER Visit :(

2 weeks ago Deacon started complaining about his knees and ankles hurting.  I didn't think much of it and chalked it up to growing pains.  Well the next day I get a call from school that his knee is SUPER swollen, can't walk and was breaking out with a rash on his legs.  I was scared to death.. what the heck causes THAT!!!  So I picked him up and drove right to the ER. They of course said first thing is doing blood tests which was the WORST.  Drawing blood from a 4 year old is complete torture.  It took 3 of us to hold him down while he SCREAMED in pain.  Or maybe just from being scared I don't know.  Either way I was crying right there with him.  Then they had to leave the IV in his arm just in case they had to give him anything else.  I eventually asked for them to give him a good pain med because the needle in his arm hurt him really bad and he never stopped screaming.  They gave him a narcotic and he was immediately fine.  We just had to hide the IV in his arm with a blanket.  Well after a few hours of waiting and waiting he was diagnosed with HSP.  NEVER heard of it before so of course I sat on google for most of the time there.  Basically it's an auto immune disease that attacks his blood vessels and causes the joint pain and rash.  It is most common in boys 2-11 years old.  It usually lasts 4-6 weeks and they warned us he may start getting stomach pain soon (that usually comes after the joint pain & rash).  As scary as it was for us and as sucky as this is for Deacon I'm SO GRATEFUL that's what it was.  They told us it could've been other scary things (lupus, etc.) but that was ruled out with the blood tests.  Once we left and saw a pediatrician she said he was a textbook case of HSP.  We just have to monitor him for a few months becuase it can effect their kidneys in rare cases.  The following week I had to go to AZ for work.  I almost didnt go but Kyle assured me they'd be fine and he'd stay home with him.  Well of course that's when his stomach pains came and he did a lot of vomiting :(  I felt horrible I wanted to hop on a plane right away to be with him!!!  I'm SO thankful for Kyle.  He is SUCH an amazing dad and in my opinion goes above and beyond what most dad's do for their children.  I LOVE YOU BABE!!!  Today Deacon is MUCH better.  Well, he FEELS good at least.  The rash might stay around for awhile but atleast the stomach pains are gone and the joint pain is only a little sore at night.  All I can do is thank God for His mercy!!!  This too shall pass....

Deacon after his pain meds and a red popsicle :)

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