Friday, April 17, 2015

Kids say the darndest things...

I'm not kidding lately Deacon has been killing me with things he says!!! I have to remind myself the whole purpose of my blog was to document this stuff!  So here we go.. As I posted earlier Kyle & I just celebrated our anniversary.  I was telling Deacon that mommy & daddy have been married 6 years now and he continued to ask me if he was at our wedding.  Of course I told him no and he said "was I still in daddy's balls?!" ..... UMM WHAT?!?!?  I'm guessing he overheard Kyle making a non-kid friendly comment one day because I have no other ideas as to where he could've gotten that from! Regardless I will always get a laugh thinking about that.

Another one for the record books... Deacon had a follow up appointment at the doctor and of course he always asks us to blow up a rubber glove for him to play with.  I think Kyle made a comment that it looked like cow udders so as we were leaving the room he put the blow up glove between his legs and started MOOing as loud as he could.  Doctors, nurses, and whoever else of course had drawn their attention to him and bursted out laughing.  Obviously that just got him to do it louder and he started walking slower so they would all look at him.  I heard "look at him, he's pretending to be a cow!"  I eventually shooshed him with a smile and he said to me, "but I like to make them laugh!"  A few days later the doctor called me with some test results and before hanging up she told me that was one of the cutest and funniest thing she's seen since starting pediatrics!! And she's not young!! Ohhhh my lil boy :) here he was earlier in the room.

He also just started swimming lessons again.  I loooove watching him because after everything he does he looks at me for approval and then gives me the thumbs up.  After class I told him how awesome he did and he said.. "I did my best for you, mommy!" Awwwww :) I told my sister this story and she goes "Did you tell him he better because Remitz's are winners"? Haha nope but I'll use that line next time!!! 
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