Monday, July 20, 2015

Sooo behind :(

Well I was hoping I wouldn't let this much time go between posts but summer has been SO busy!!  We've been living at my parents house for 2 months now and we are SO grateful they took us in while we build our home.  It's been so fun to see it all come together.  (I'll do a separate post with pics) Larsen is now 7+ months now and has hit a bunch of milestones since my last post.. the big ones are now sitting up and yes... crawling!  He's not really aggressive with it yet but he can defintely crawl across the room to get something.  He's been trying to pull himself up on things to stand but can't do it QUITE yet.  He's LOOOOVING baby food. I think we've fed him everything now and there's nothing he doesn't like.  Although peas took a couple tries.  Deacon has been so fun this summer.  He loves being at his papa & Grandma Kari's house.  We had a blast on the 4th of July and got to spend it both at the cabin AND in Forest Lake for the fire works.  Otherwise it seems we've been at my sister's pool almost every weekend which has been awesome!!!  WE LOVE IT!  I'll try to recap the rest of the past 5 weeks below with pictures!  Note to self: the whole point of this was to journal fun things and have a keepsake.. so keep on it!  

Deacon with my college girlfriend's daughter, Chloe.
Walking the trails by the cabin..
Pancakes for breakfast!
WIPED after a pool day....
Get my fitnizz in...

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